Tanyaporn Arya

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This paper proposes the inclusion of reduced forms and liaisons in English as a second language instruction, especially as part of pronunciation exercises or in speaking and listening classes since these two aspects contribute much to the effectiveness of communication as will be addressed later in the paper. This paper is divided into 6 parts. The first part of the paper gives an overview of the nature of pronunciation as defined by Pennington and Richards (1986), which will serve as necessary background knowledge in understanding the two features of pronunciation in focus, namely reduced forms and liaisons. The second part argues the need to teach both reduced forms and liaisons in English to ESL learners. The third part provides a definition for both reduced forms and liaisons in order to capture a detailed understanding of each one. The fourth part attempts to describe Thai reduced forms and liaisons in search for commonalties with those found in English so as to understand the phenomena and make links to pedagogic possibilities. The fifth part addresses second language acquisition of reduced forms and liaisons and includes the discussion of consciousness in language learning, which is related to reduced forms and liaisons. The final part suggests a variety of sources rich in lessons and teaching techniques especially aimed at reduced forms and liaisons.



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