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This study investigates problems in English teaching and wants in teacher training of English teachers at the upper-secondary level. The study was conducted in government secondary schools in Educational Region 12. A questionnaire, consisting of a rating scale and open-ended questions, was used as an instrument for data collection. The reliability coefficient (Cronbach alpha) of the questionnaire was .97. The respondents of this research were all 208 upper-secondary English teachers in Educational Region 12. The result obtained was analyzed and summarized as follows: Problems in English teaching occur at many different levels ranging from the fairly serious to the very serious level. The very serious problems are those concerning students and teaching aids. The fairly serious problems are those concerning curriculum objectives, textbooks, teaching methodology, measurement and evaluation, and teachers' English competence. The top-ranked items of the problems of each group are difficulty in making learners achieve all objectives, textbooks which did not have enough content in order to help learners achieve the objectives, teaching by using drama, using computer-assisted language learning, using statistics in testing, inadequate knowledge of western culture, and students' difference in English competence. Besides, English teachers have a great desire for teacher-training programs concerning curriculum objectives, teaching methodology, measurement and evaluation, and knowledge and skills in teaching English. Many aspects concerning teaching aids were found at a medium degree of want in training. Moreover, English teachers prefer a short training course (Certificate) to a long training course (Diploma).



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