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This study investigates the characterization of TiO2in conjunction with activated carbon(AC) on its adsorption and photocatalytic properties. TiO2in theabsence and presence of AC were preparedby the sol-gel method. TiCl4was used as a precursor to reduce using acidic solution during preparationprocess. The effects of the amount of AC on the characteristics of composites were investigated. TGA technique was used to evaluate the amount of TiO2and AC in TiO2/AC composite. The adsorptionproperties of TiO2/AC were characterized using XRD, TEM, N2adsorption/desorption, FTIR and UV - Visdiffuse reflectance spectroscopy techniques. The photocatalytic activitiesof the composites were investigated by measuring the removal of acid dye. Results showed that the specific surfacearea of TiO2/AC increased with increasing mass fraction of AC, while the energy band gap was reduced. It wasclearly shown that TiO2in the presenceof AC produced a synergistic effect of the composite and led to an increase inphotocatalytic performance. Also, the reuse of TiO2with 20%AC nanocomposites for dye removal showed a high reuse efficiency above 90% in photocatalytic dye degradation.

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