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The current work gives the detailed microstructural analysis and wear behaviour of aluminiumalloy A356 based metal matrix composite. Here, boron carbide (B4C) and graphite (Gr) particulates were used as reinforcing phase to develop A356/ 4 wt% B4C, A356/ 4 wt% Gr composites along with A356/ 4 wt% Gr/ 12 wt% B4C hybrid composites. The composites were developed by conventional stir casting method to improve the wear properties. The developed composites were subjected to scanning electron microscope (SEM) formicrostructural analysis and then to DUCOM made wear test assembly to know the dry sliding wear behaviour. The wear tests were conducted for different loading conditions of 1, 2and3 kg for a sliding distance of 4000 m over the speed of 100, 200 and 300 rpm, respectively. The result show decreased wear upon addition of reinforcing particulatesandSEM results of developed composites revealed utmost distribution of particulates. Wear morphology of worn surfaces were also carried out using SEM

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