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In the present investigation, the mechanical and wear properties of aerospace alloy AA2124-9wt%of B4C composites were displayed. The composites containing 9wt% of micro boron carbidein AA2124 alloy were synthesized by liquid metallurgy method through stir casting. For the composites, reinforcement particles were preheated to a temperature of 400°Cand afterward added in ventures of two stages into the vortex of liquid AA2124 alloy compound to improve the wettability anddispersion. Microstructural examination was carried out by SEM and elemental investigation was finished by EDS. Mechanical and wear properties of as cast AA2124 alloy and AA214-9wt% of B4C composites were evaluated as per ASTM standards. Microstructural characterization by SEM and EDS confirmed the distribution and presence of micro boron carbide particles in the AA2124 alloy matrix. The hardness, ultimate strength, yield strength and bending behaviour of AA2124 alloyenhanced with the incorporation of 9wt% of micro B4C particles. The hardness of as-cast AA2124 alloy was 65.76 BHN; it is 96.7 BHN in 9wt% of B4C reinforced composites. The ultimate and yield strength of AA2124 alloy was 187.08 MPa and 150.33 MPa respectively. The enhanced UTS and YS in 9 wt% of B4C reinforced composites were 254.1 MPa and 203.7 MPa, respectively. Further, ductility of AA2124 alloy decreased with the presence of B4C particles. Wear resistance of aerospace alloy increased with the addition of micro particles. Tensile fractography and worn surfacemorphology were studied on the tested samples to know the various fractured and wear mechanisms.

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