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This paper aims to reveal the change of diffusion coefficient and permeability of the acrylic composition with different types of fillers (such as cement, sand, mica, and talc) in the various aggressive mediums. Also, the adhesive strength was determined as the maximal stress caused by detaching metal plate from the surface of the concrete. To evaluate the stability of the compositions, the samples of the acrylic compositions were saturated with acid and alkali solutions during a certain time. Basing on the mass change, the coefficients of diffusion, sorption, and permeability were calculated. The sand filled acrylic composition showed the least sorption (0.2%) and water permeability (0.008 gcm - 1s - 1), as well as the highest adhesion strength (53.2 MPa). However, all studied compositions satisfy the requirements of the current permeability standards, and they can be used for construction protection from the aggressive environment action. It is important for the durability of the structures as it will prolongate their operative time, as well as reduce the operating and repair costs.

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