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Optical and photoluminescence properties of Er3+ doped Na2O-Al2O3-P2O5 (NAPEr) glasses were prepared by conventional melt quenching technique at 1200°C. The absorption spectra have 11 peaks corresponded to 4I15/2 ground state to various excited energy levels. The absorption band at 1537 nm shows highest intensity in near-infrared (NIR) region. Also, it can be observed that the intensity of absorption bands increased on increase in concentrations of Er2O3. The Judd-Ofelt (JO) parameters (Ωλ, λ = 2, 4, and 6) are calculated using the absorption bands of the Er2O3 doped glass compositions. McCumber theory has been applied to determine the emission cross-sections (σe) of the 4I13/2→4I15/2 transition using the absorption cross-sections (σa). The results of these properties revealed that the glasses doped with Er3+ ions are promising candidates for photonics material application.

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