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Photopumped based on laser diode (LD) has designed by employing optical instruments which consist of laser source, optical lens and mirrors as resonator. This setup is aimed to determine of luminescence intensity of laser gain medium based on Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 crystals. Laser diode at 805 nm with continuous wave (CW) mode was used as pumping light source with the maximum output power 1 W. The 1064 nm wavelength laser can be obtained through a LD side pumped to laser gain medium, Nd3+ doped YAG and YVO4 crystals respectively. Laser gain medium is placed between intra cavity resonator and generates the laser power reflected in power output (mW or Watt). The luminescence spectra of both crystals medium is utilized to obtain optical gain in dB (decibels). The obtained maximum gain of Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YAG mediums are 24.278 dB and 4.4 respectively, for absorbed pump power at 900 mW. The Nd:YVO4 crystal is able to produce a higher laser output intensity compared with Nd:YAG crystal. The arrangement of high reflectance or transmittance (HR/HT) mirror and lens as optical resonators are very important because they are related to the high power of laser output.

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