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Thin polymer films are widely used in industry, such as protective coating, lubricant and electrical insulator, because of their specific properties. However, thin film in nanoscale tends to separate from substrate; this phenomenon is called Dewetting. In this research, a solution of polystyrenes with a concentration of 0.3 wt% in toluene, providing ~ 21 nm polymeric film, was prepared. Zinc-oxide nanoparticles were added in a polystyrene solution as a Dewetting inhibitor. The concentrations of zinc-oxide were varied from 0 - 1.0 wt%. Thin films were cast by a spin casting machine. After annealing at 90˚C in a vacuum oven for various times, the film morphologies were studied by using optical, scanning electron, and atomic force microscopes. The surface energies of the films were calculated by contact angle measurement. We found that the addition of zinc-oxide nanoparticles at 0.3 wt% is an appropriate concentration to inhibit Dewetting in PS films which have a molecular weight of 35,000 g·mol-1.

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