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In this work, bismuth ferrite-barium titanate-barium zirconate titanate (BFO-BTO-BZT) ceramics were prepared using conventional solid state reaction method. The (1-x)BiFeO3-xBaTiO3 at x = 0.24-0.30 and Ba(Zr,Ti)O3 (Zr = 0.5) systems were separately prepared and calcined at 800 and 1250oC, respectively. All pallets were sintered at temperature of 1100oC. After that, the relationship between phase formation, dielectric and magnetic properties were examined. The XRD patterns revealed that more structural symmetry could be observed in all single-phase perovskite ceramics when more BTO concentration was added. The 0.75(0.70BFO-0.30BTO)-0.25BZT ceramic showed highest dielectric constant with high loss measured at low frequency observed, possibly due to space charges, interfacial and dipolar polarizations. The temperature-dependent dielectric properties of BFO-BTO-BZT solid solutions were measured in TN temperature range. It was found that the addition of BTO content affected the position of TN. Especially, the BFO-BTO-BZT solid solutions successfully improved the magnetic properties of BFO-BTO with typical ferromagnetic hysteresis loops. The maximum Mr with 0.1632 emu·g-1 was observed in 0.75(0.72BFO-0.28BTO)-0.25BZT sample.

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