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Bacterial cellulose (BC) is natural biopolymers with unique properties such as high purity and high tensile strength. These properties considerably support for use as filler in rubber applications. In this research, BC was produced from fermentation by Acetobacter xylinum. Additionally, pineapple peels (agricultural waste) were evaluated for carbon sources in BC's production process. Natural rubber latex (NRL) compound was then incorporated BC with various loadings of 0, 5, 10 and 15 phr (parts per hundred of rubber) for enhancement properties of NRL. Furthermore, NRL filled with BC (NRL-BC) compounds were prevulcanized at 70°C for 2 hours and then NRL-BC sheets were finally prepared. NRL-BC sheets were examined in the term of, tensile properties, tear strength, and dynamic mechanical properties (DMA). From the results, with incorporation of BC, it was observed that not only tensile strength, tensile modulus and tear strength slightly increased but also DMA result clearly showed increase in storage modulus. Moreover, results revealed that NRL containing 10 phr of BC provided optimum properties.

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