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Al-Cu couples were heated to 813 K during 200, 320 and 480 hours. The heat treatment conditions caused the welding of the metals. After the mentioned conditions, it was observed the formation of two contiguous plates like (~15 to 30 micrometres, width) in parallel direction to the contact section. These plates like were chemically identified and its compositions corresponded to the h2 (CuAl) phase and to the q (CuAl2) phase of the aluminium-copper system. The measurements of micro hardness that were carried out on these plates like gave values of 620HV0.05 and 500HV0.05 (on the average) respectively. In the Cu-rich side no formation of intermetallic compounds was detected. The micro hardness average for this part was of 50HV0.05. On the other side of the welding line (opposite side to Cu), the micro hardness measurements varied in an alternate way, which indicates dispersion of intermetallic compounds of different chemical composition (mechanical mixture); the values of micro hardness present in this area go from 220HV0.05 (near to the welding line) to 180HV0.05 (far from the welding line) inside the space considered.

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