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By employing a thermal field of 813 K, couples of Al with Cu were welded as consequence of the atomic diffusion. The periods of permanency inside the field were 200, 320 and 480 hours. After the periods of test, SEM observations show the formation of two contiguous plate likes (~15 to 30 micrometres, width) that they are in normal position to the concentration gradient. By utilizing elemental analyses and X-ray diffraction techniques one plate like was identified as the h2 phase (CuAl) and the other one as the q phase (CuAl2) of the aluminium-copper system. Immediate to the q plate like it is expanded a zone formed by irregular q grains surrounded by a network of aAL. Finally, far from the welding line, the saturated q grains decompose and transform into pearlite according to the reaction aAl + q aAl + aCu.

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