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Formability behavior in two grades of hot rolled low carbon weathering steel with varying nickel content i.e., SCR 1 (Fe-0.116P-0.018Ni) and SCR 2 (Fe-0.115P-0.34Ni), have been evaluated in relationship to microstructure, EBSD estimated orientation distribution function (ODF), special boundary nature, mechanical properties and formability parameters like tensile stain hardening exponent (n) and plastic anisotropy ratio (r). The alloy sample SCR 1 exhibited improved formability characteristics in terms of stain hardening exponent (n) and plastic anisotropy ratio (r). This was mainly attributed to relatively higher fraction of the ND//<111> orientation or the ? fibre texture component and increased presence of sigma 3 coincident site lattice (CSL) boundaries in SCR 1 . The ? fiber is mainly responsible for deep drawability in these materials.

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