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Three steels viz., G22(Fe-0.072C-0.028 Si-0.20Mn-0.19P-0.38Cr-0.24Cu-0.17Ni), G32(Fe-0.072C-0.061 Si-0.23 Mn-0.19P-0.64Cr-0.14Cu) and SCOR (Fe-0.09C-0.37Si-0.42Mn-0.15P-0.37Cr-0.35Cu-0.31Ni) were made through ingot metallurgy route and hot rolled to 3 mm thick sheets. For other steels, similar corrosion rates were observed from the Tafel extrapolation study of freshly ground samples in 3.5% NaCl solution. Other technique employed to evaluate the effect of phosphorus on the formation of protective rust layer was electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) test after exposing the samples in an atmospheric exposure rack for four months on the roof top of a fourth floored building. Results revealed that the polarization resistance or rust resistance of G22 and SCOR steels were comparable and similar to that of a reference steel SAILCOR (Fe-0.07C-0.48 Si-0.31Mn-0.118P-0.41Cr-0.32Cu-0.21Ni), which is produced at Bokaro Steel plant. The role of phosphorus in improving atmospheric corrosion resistance was understood from this study.

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