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The corrosion behavior of uncoated and TiAlN coated on AISI 4140 steel were studied by an electrochemical technique in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution at pH value of 2, 7 and 10 at room temperature. The corrosion potential (Ecorr), pitting potential (Epit), corrosion rate (Rmmy) and passive region in polarization curves were analyzed and compared.After electrochemical testing, samples surface was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDX) and X-ray photoemission electron microscopy (X-PEEM). The results indicated that the TiAlN coated samples yielded better corrosion resistance than the uncoated samples. The coated samples had lower corrosion rate (Rmmy) than uncoated samples at all pH condition. In addition, the TiAlN coated sample tested in solution at pH 7 showed the widest passive potential region.

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