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This study reports an investigation of the effect of different media (oil and polymer) on the properties of different grade steel parts. Steel parts after manufacture, will not have the desired properties like wear resistance, tensile strength, surface and core hardness. To attain these, heat treatment processes like Case Hardening (CH) or Through Hardening (TH) were carried out in sealed quench furnace and rotary furnace. The microstructure of the steel part influences the hardness of the same. The required microstructure is Fine Tempered Martensite (FTM) and the Quench media has a very important role in achieving this. Using different grades of steels, the trials were carried out in SAVSOL Q OO1 oil and POLYQUENCH-GN polymer. Finally comparative trials were also carried out in order to determine the suitability of new quench media. Polymer quench was found to be better quench media in terms of time and energy savings to get the required microstructure FTM, which gave the improved desired properties.

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