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Ruthenium polypyridine complex was synthesized by using RAFT process. The Ruthenium was immobilized in 2 silicone matrices, polydimethylsiloxane(PDMS) and KE 200 (silicone elastomer base)/CX200 (curing agent). KE 200/CX200 is the alcohols curing type silicone. Both sensor films showed absorption peak at 460 nm and luminescence peak at 610 nm. The KE200/CX200 film gave linear response to dissolved oxygen up to 80% O2 (18 ppm) follow Stern-Volmer equation with R2 of 0.990. The measured luminescence intensity decreased with increasing dissolved oxygen water temperature from 25 to 70c. After being irradiated with 460 nm light source for 3 hrs, the sensor film still showed good stability.

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