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In this study, stoichiometric 0.65PMN-0.35PT powders have been prepared by columbite method. The perovskite single phase of PMN-PT was successfully synthesized after calcination of the mixed oxide at 900C/4hr. Due to the particle size of calcined powder has greatly effect on the electrical properties of sintered samples. Therefore, two different milling methods including high energy ball milling (HBM) and conventional ball milling (CBM) were used to grind the calcined powders. The results showed that the particle size distribution of calcined powders from HBM and CBM were 0.17 and 0.19 ?m, respectively. As a result, the relative density of the sintered ceramics prepared from both milling methods were up to 94-95%. Consequently, the greatly electrical properties including d33 at 523 pC/N and K at 4855 (ceramics from HBM) and d33 at 513 pC/N and K at 4675 (ceramics from CBM) were obtained.

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