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Eutectic system is the mixture of at least two substances that suppresses melting point for each of them. The viscosity enhancement of liquid eutectic by polymer addition might increase the viscous environment for retardation of drug release. Typically, there are rare polymers that can dissolve in the liquid eutectic. The aim of this study was to develop the polymeric eutectic delivery system for controlling the drug delivery. Liquid eutectic used as vehicle was prepared by mixing menthol and camphor in various ratios. The obtained lowest viscosity liquid eutectic was used as vehicle in this study. Various polymers were attempted to dissolve in this vehicle to prepare the polymeric eutectic system. Different physical properties of selected polymeric eutectic system were evaluated. Viscosity and rheology were evaluated by brookfield viscometer. Contact angle on glass slide and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) coated slide and interfacial tension were measured by goniometer. The polymeric eutectic system selected for controlling the drug delivery contained 30%w/w eudragit EPO in 1:1 menthol:camphor. This system could be injectable with the newtonian flow property. Contact angle and interfacial tension indicated the hydrophobic characteristic of developed system which it was suitable to sustain the drug release. Various drugs were tested for incorporating in this developed liquid eutectic. Ibuprofen was the most suitable drug because of its high solubility in this system. Solubility of ibuprofen in liquid eutectic was higher than that in water about 1.104 folds. Viscosity of liquid eutectic increased as a function of ibuprofen concentration with the newtonian flow behavior. Drug released from this polymeric eutectic system were tested by dialysis tube method at 50 rpm and 37C. The sustainable drug release could be obtained longer than 7 days with release kinetics primarily as diffusion control. Therefore this developed polymeric liquid eutectic was suitable as the new controlled drug delivery system such as for periodontitis treatment and other injectable dosage forms.

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