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This work presents a novel method for preparing porous NiTi by powder metallurgy using a vacuum sintering technique. Tantalum was used as a transient liquid phase creator, which enhanced the sinterability of NiTi powders. The effect of Ta content and powder packing on the degree of densification were investigated. The porous NiTi exhibited shape memory behavior and a large recovery strain, analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry and compressive testing, respectively, making the material promising for bone implant applications. In addition, macroporosity was created by using NaCl spaceholders. Adding 3 atomic percent of Ta and 60 volume percent NaCl space-holder resulted in a foam containing 60 percent porosity with an average pore size larger than 100 micrometers. A new type of metallic spaceholder, coarse Ta powder, was also demonstrated here, and functioned simultaneously as a densification enhancer and space-holder.

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