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Hypoeutectic 26 wt% Cr cast irons without and with Mo were prepared in order to investigate their abrasion wear resistance. The annealed specimens were hardened from 1323 K (As-H) and then tempered at three levels of temperatures between 673 and 823 K for 7.2ks, the temperature giving the maximum hardness (HTmax), lower temperature than that at HTmax (L-HTmax ) and higher temperature than that at HTmax (H-HTmax). The abrasive wear resistance was evaluated using Rubber Wheel abrasion test (three-body-type). It was found that hardness and volume fraction of retained austenite (V) in the heat-treated specimens varied with the Mo content and heat treatment condition. A linear relation was obtained between wear loss and wear distance in all specimens. The lowest wear rate (Rw) was obtained in both the As-H or HTmax specimens. The highest Rw was obtained in both the L- HTmax or H- HTmax specimens. Rw decreased with increasing hardness. The lowest Rw obtained in the specimen with 10% V and Rw was independent on Mo content.

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