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Pure Cu is prepared with the dimension of 17.7 mm in diameter and 10 - 15 mm in height using powder metallurgical method to characterize its electrical and mechanical properties. These samples are compacted at a constant pressure of 280 MPa. Pure Cu pellets are sintered at 600C and 950C for 3, 4 and 7 hours. Before sintering, pure Cu pellet is subjected to SEM in order to check the compactness of the pellet, and also the grain structure of the Cu. All the pellets with different temperatures are re-weighed and sintered density are calculated after sintering. Besides that, porosity of the pellets is measured to analyze the closed packed particles stacking in the pellet. SEM and EDX of this pure Cu pellet have been captured to observe the presence of pores and agglomeration of particles in the sample. Pellets are also subjected to electrical conductivity measurement by comparing it to the commercial Cu lead frame in industry.

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