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Water Atomization for metal powder is an appropriate method for producing metal powder from different kinds of metal. Typically, a water atomizing machine is designed with a molten metal spraying chamber in a vertical or horizontal orientation depending on a nozzle design, a molten metal spraying chamber and related components. The main variables influencing the working condition of the water atomization process, which affect sizes, shapes and distribution of metal powder particles, are water pressure, water flow rate, a temperature higher than melting point of liquid metal and flow rate of liquid metal. The water atomizing machine in the study was designed and constructed in which the variable values mentioned could be adjusted. The metal powder produced with the water atomizing machine was from copper, low carbon steel and AISI 304-stainless steel. The result indicates that the water atomizing machine was able to produce the intended metal powders from different kinds of metal. These are the metal powders with a smaller size than 105 micron, with not less than 90% of liquid metal per each experiment, and with irregular shapes.

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