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In the copper superfine wire drawing, the internal cracks such as chevron cracks and breakage of the wire were fatal to the success of quantitative drawing operations. This paper shows how the main process parameters, the drawing pass numbers, influence the plastic deformation, hydrostatic stress, maximum principal tensile stress and chevron cracks initiation investigated by FEM simulation. The effect of the lateral and longitudinal sizes of a central cylindrical inclusion in the multi-pass copper shaped-wire drawing was studied. The plastic deformation, plastic strain, hydrostatic stress and maximum principal tensile stress of the copper shaped-wire containing an inclusion were obtained from simulation results. A ductile fracture criterion was chosen from literature, a large number of ductile fracture initiation criteria, to predict the chevron crack initiation of the drawn copper shaped-wire for this investigation. The problem of chevron cracks initiation for the investigated material was solved. This investigation provided very good results.

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