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The tetrabutylammonium salt of Co-substituted heteropolytungstate, [(n-C4H9)4N]4 HPW11Co(H2O)O39.3H2O was synthesized and characterized. It was shown to be an active catalyst for the oxidation of cyclohexane and ethylbenzene. The oxidation reactions were performed using green oxidant hydrogen peroxide and acetonitrile as solvent. The major products of the oxidation of cyclohexane were cyclohexanone (K) and cyclohexanol (A). High selectivity towards K-A oil was achieved. At longer time cyclohexanol was converted to cyclohexanone. Ethylbenzene was also selectively oxidized to acetophenone. These oxidation reactions appear to be radical processes since they were totally inhibited in the presence of radical scavenger.

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