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Galangal essential oil/alginate microcapsules were prepared by solidifying in liquid (orifice method) between sodium alginate and calcium chloride. The structure, morphology and also the thermal stability of the microcapsules were investigated by FT-IR, optical microscope, infrared moisture determination balance (IMDB) at 120°C for 2 hours. The galangal essential oil release content of microcapsules was estimated by measuring time course of weight of microcapsules determination by isothermal TGA at 37°C and 120°C. FT-IR spectral data confirmed the presence of galangal essential oil in the prepared microcapsules. An increase of sodium alginate concentration and oil content resulted in significantly higher average size of the microcapsules ranging from 750 to 1000 µm. However, at 1% (w/v) of sodium alginate concentration, microcapsules tended to form agglomerate. IMDB data indicated that maximum oil content in the microcapsules was 40%. The galangal essential oil release content indicated that the thermal stability of galangal essential oil was less than the galangal essential oil/alginate microcapsules. Thus, it is expected that the microcapsules might be useful for improving the retention time of galangal essential oil in the capsule

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