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The purpose of this research was to improve flame retardancy and anti-dripping of polyester fabric by using bentonite, 3% (w/w) diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DA) and 5, 10% (w/w) aluminium hydroxide (Al(OH)3) via pad-dry technique. The burning behavior of the treated polyester fabric was investigated according to ASTM D1230. The results showed that 10wt% of bentonite alone were capable of imparting anti-dripping. Nevertheless, the preparation of the slurry of bentonite (>10% (w/w)) caused high viscosity leading to difficulties for the preparation and finishing process. Thus, the addition of 4% (w/w) of sodium chloride (NaCl) to the suspension of bentonite (up to 25% (w/w)) resulted in lower viscosity of the slurry, which led to an easing of the preparation and finishing process. It was found that the flame retardancy and anti-dripping PET fabric treated with bentonite and NaCl could perform slightly better than the untreated one while the fabrics treated with DA or Al(OH)3 alone exhibited no melt drips. However, the treated fabric with bentonite (over 10% (w/w) up to 20% (w/w)) mixed with 3% (w/w) DA or 10% (w/w) Al(OH)3 mixed with bentonite showed safer flaming drip than the untreated one.

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