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Differential thermal analysis (DTA) was employed to monitor changes which occurred during heating of Fe-carbide and Fe-C mixtures. The DTA curves showed a relationship between endothermic peaks and phase transformations given in the Fe-C phase diagram. The transformations included (i) magnetic Fe to non-magnetic Fe, (ii) pure α-Fe to pure γ-Fe, (iii) γ + Fe3C → Liquid and (iv) pure γ-Fe to pure δ-Fe. Melting of the Fe-SiC powder compacts when sintered at temperatures higher than 1200°C was revealed and indicated by the endothermic peak of 1230°C. This peak corresponded to the transformation of γ + Fe3C → Liquid. That meant that decomposition of SiC particles had occurred, and Si and C atoms subsequently diffused into iron particles. DTA curves of the Fe-TiC, Fe-WC and Fe-VC mixtures did not show peaks corresponding to melting. This indicated that TiC, WC and VC were stable when they were brought into contact with iron at elevated temperatures.

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