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In this study, dioctyl sulfosuccinate-chitosan complex was prepared by a mechanical mixing of aqueous chitosan with sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate. As a result, hydrophobic chitosan was achieved. Characterizations of the complex were carried out including XRD, TGA, and FT-IR in order to follow changes in the chitosan structure. Thus produced chitosan complex was hydrophobic and anticipated to be compatible with PLA. Solution blending of PLA and hydrophobic chitosan was then conducted. Characterization techniques including XRD and FT-IR were employed to investigate the structure of the polymer blend. FTIR spectra showed that changes in the fingerprint of the chitosan amide band in the blend were observed, indicating compatibility between hydrophobic chitosan and PLA. In a similar manner, hydrophobic chitosan exhibited broader degradation profile when compared to virgin chitosan, arising from the interaction between hydrophobic chitosan and PLA.

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