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The effect of chitosan's molecular weights (Mw) on mangosteen dye fixation on cotton was studied using chitosans with Mw of 226 kDa (CTS-Mw I; native chitosan), 10.8 kDa (CTS-Mw II), and 7.2 kDa (CTS-Mw III). The preparation of chitosan with different Mws was carried out using sodium nitrite in acid media (depolymerization process). The obtained chitosans were applied onto cotton fabric. The effect of chitosan concentrations on fixation and fastness properties of mangosteen dye extract was studied. The results showed that an increase in concentrations of depolymerized chitosans (CTS-Mw II and III) yielded an increase in N% contents. Nonetheless, the maximum N% content was found when 28 g/L CTS-Mw II was applied due to the fact that it was capable of penetrating into the fiber and interacting chemically with cellulose. Chitosan-cotton fabrics obtained by three application methods were then dyed with mangosteen dye extract and evaluated by K/S value (color strength). It was found that the pre-dyeing method showed higher K/S values in all cases. The effects of chitosan concentration and Mws on color fastness and fabric stiffness were also studied. The high concentrations of low Mw chitosans (such as 28 g/L) insignificantly imposed stiffness problem due to the lack of chitosan film formation on the fabric surface.

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