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Rice husk (RH) has high C and Si contents, so it can be used not only as a fuel candidate, but also as a low-cost Si source for synthesizing high-performance products. In the present work, we proposed a low-cost route to synthesize high-performance silicate phosphors with RH. RH was burned either as received or as pretreated by HCl washing. The resulting ashes were, respectively, utilized to react with other raw materials at high temperatures to form silicate phosphors. The high-temperature solid-state reaction process was optimized by varying either the temperature or the holding time. The crystallographic and fluorescent properties of the silicate phosphors were investigated by XRD and PL spectroscopy. The Zn2SiO4 : Mn phosphors, obtained with both groups of ashes, exhibit a strong green emission, at ~523 nm, the lifetime of which is about 9 ms. The green emission mechanism was explained. The luminescent properties, including the emission spectra and decays, of the phosphors, using non-treated or treated RHs, were studied by comparison. This work opens up the possibility of utilizing RH to synthesize highperformance silicate phosphors.

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