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Rice husk is a major by-product of the rice-processing industries. The burning of rice husk in air results in the formation of rice husk ash (RHA) with a content in SiO2 that varies from 85 to 98% depending on the burning conditions, the furnace type and the rice variety. Numerous studies aimed at using RHA as a cheap alternative source of amorphous silica for the production of silicon based materials with industrial and technological interests. The zeolite gel was prepared with the following batch composition: 3.1Na2O : Al2O3: 1.9SiO2: 128H2O synthesized by hydrothermal treatment with various times from 15 min to 4 hrs. Zeolite A crystals have been successfully coated on the substrate surface (Al2O3) by direct synthesis method. The silica source was characterized by FTIR and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Zeolite A and zeolite A membrane, the patterns of which showed a unique characteristic of zeolite A respectively were characterized by XRD. They were also examined by Scanning electron microscope (SEM) which at 2 hrs. synthesis time reported the layer thickness of 5.92 µm ± 0.152 and 12.295 µm ± 1.052 at 4 hrs. synthesis time.

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