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Ziegler-Natta catalyst was prepared from colloidal MgCl2 (from reaction between magnesium ethyl carbonate and aluminium sesquichloride, Al2Et3Cl3) followed by contact with TiCl4. Al/Mg and Ti/Mg molar ratios were studied as parameters affecting the catalyst synthesis. Catalytic performance and effect of electron donor on ethylene polymerization were investigated. Results showed that addition of electron donor (ethyl benzoate) increased activity balance when polymerizations were performed under hydrogen pressure of 1 bar and 3 bars. The morphology of the polymer can be improved while fine content of the polymer was reduced by addition of dicyclopentyl dimethoxysilane. A productivity of 17.3 and 15.0 kg PE/g cat. was obtained at 1 and 3 bar H2. High density polyethylenes with molecular weight of 2.43x105 g/mol, molecular weight distribution of 11.9 and high bulk density (0.36 g/cm3 ) can be obtained.

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