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In this investigation, the discarded plasticized-polyvinyl chloride (pPVC) from the extrusion of weather-seal was added into acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). Subsequently, the effects of pPVC contents on the mechanical properties, thermal, ultraviolet and swelling resistances of NBR were studied. The results indicated that scorch and cure time, tensile strength, hardness and swelling resistance increased with the increasing amount of pPVC added. Considering the thermal and ultraviolet resistances, it was observed that the mechanical properties of unfilled NBR decreased due to the desulphurization of the sulphur crosslinks and chain scission during heat and ultraviolet aging. However, the mechanical properties of the NBR containing varying amounts of pPVC were higher than that of unfilled NBR. This was probably associated with the escape and/or degradation of plasticizer and the PVC gelation phenomenon during heat and ultraviolet testing.

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