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According to previous studies, molecular weights (MW) of chitosan presented an influence on the level of immune response to model antigen when administering with chitosan through nasal route. Moreover, trimethyl chitosan (TMC) with a degree of quaternization (DQ) of 40%, chitosan derivatives, was also shown to be the most potent nasal OVA delivery platforms compared to TMC with DQ of 20% and 60% in mice model. The aims of this study were to prepare particles from chitosan with difference MW and their TMC derivatives (DQ = 40%) and to characterize size, zeta potential, loading efficiency and release profile in order to be used as data for further studies as nasal adjuvant. The results showed that MW of chitosan in the studied range did not influence the particle characteristics. The particles prepared from TMC derivatives are of smaller size than those prepared from chitosan. However, they possessed higher zeta potential, loading efficiency and release profile than the particles prepared from chitosan.

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