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N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) is one of the basic constituents of mammal cartilage, which is known to help repair deteriorating cartilage and relieve pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis patients. The preparation of GlcNAc from squid pen β-chitin by using Aspergillus sp. chitinase in enzymatic hydrolysis is studied. The cultivation of the fungus in colloidal chitin minimum media at pH 3.5 and 40°C for 5 days gives the highest chitinolytic activity of 3.1 U/mL. The crude enzyme obtained from the the cultivation is used in the hydrolysis of milled squid pen β-chitin (50μm) at pH 4 (acetic acid 2M) and 45°C using 22 U of enzyme per gram of chitin. After 2 days of hydrolysis, GlcNAc is isolated in 65% yield by precipitation in ethanol from a charcoal decolorized aqueous solution.

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