Journal of Metals, Materials and Minerals


P Na Nakorn

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In this study, bovine serum albumin (BSA) was used as a model protein for the optimization of protein immobilization on chitin nanowhisker and chitosan nanoparticles under different conditions. Chitosan nanoparticles showed better results than chitin in this immobilization purpose. The immobilization at 15 minutes, pH 6 and 20-25°C was the optimal condition. Subsequently, glucose oxidase (GOD), enzyme used for glucose determination, was applied in order to investigate the optimum immobilization condition on chitosan nanoparticles. The optimal condition prove to…at pH 7, 30°C and 0.5 mg/ml of initial GOD concentration via immobilization at 15 minutes. Chitin nanowhisker and chitosan nanoparticles in this study had 300 and 39 nm in size, respectively. These results will be further used for the development of glucose electrodes.

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