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It was found that addition of 4 wt.% of gas-atomized tin (Sn) powder to stainless steel powders could alter sintered properties of P/M stainless steels. For stainless steel series 300 powders, Sn powder addition resulted in improved tensile properties and hardness. It was speculated that the liquid Sn, formed during sintering process, acted as either a sintering activator or a solvent for nickel (Ni) dissolution. Sintering activation existed because the liquid Sn acted as a diffusion path for powder particle constituent atoms. Dissolution of Ni in Sn was simply due to diffusion of Ni atoms from stainless steel series 300 particles in the liquid Sn. Addition of Sn powder to stainless steel series 400 powders caused extremely adverse effects on tensile properties. Only hardness of the sintered stainless steel series 400-Sn materials could be examined.

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