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Some sintered materials were prepared from mixtures of stainless steel series 300 and series 400 powders. The sintered stainless steels consisted of both austenitic and ferritic phases so they were designated as sintered duplex stainless steels (SDSSs). Microstructures and properties of the SDSSs were characterized and tested. Most SDSSs, except the 310L powder-base SDSSs, showed improved tensile strengths and hardness but exhibited inferior ductility, compared to those of the sintered stainless steels series 300. The 304L-410L SDSS showed promising mechanical properties. This SDSS were further investigated by varying weight ratio of 304L and 410L powders. It was found that sintered densities of the 304L-410L SDSSs were lower than those of the sintered 304L or 410L alloys. The 304L-410L SDSSs exhibited increased tensile strengths and hardness with scarified elongation, when the 410L powder content was increased. The SDSS prepared from 25 wt. % of 304L and 75 wt. % of 410L showed the highest strengths and hardness.

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