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Double side flux cored arc welding (DS-FCAW) has been developed from conventional flux cored arc welding (FCAW). DS-FCAW, dual torches are used by placing an opposite to each other and welding on both sides simultaneously. The objective of this research paper is to investigate diffusion bonding effect due to DS-FCAW. Stainless steel ASTM A240 Grade 304 was studied. Other welding parameters were set constant except welding current and voltage. Diffusion bonding was observed even though weld profiles from macro inspection showed lack of penetration by weld metal in all experiments. It can be concluded that, at certain conditions, the welds can pass both mechanical test and microstructure examination because diffusion bonding process was completely developed due to high contraction stress and high temperature. The advantage of DS-FCAW is that the required joint mechanical properties can be achieved in single welding which results in reduction of welding time and cost.

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