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The microgeometry of surface is arithmetically expressed by the arithmetical mean deviation of the profile, Ra and peak count, Pc. Roughening of working rolls was achieved by using the technology EDT (Electric Discharge Texturing) and SBT (Shot Blast Texturing). The paper shows the relationship between the basic microgeometry parameters and the adjustment technology of working rolls. Zinc-coated cold rolled steel strips, uncoated cold rolled steel strips and the Ra, Pc parameters were measured using the tangent profilometer "Hommel Tester T1000". Measurements of Ra and Pc showed the scatter for SBT and EDT rolls, respectively. EDT can provide a considerably greater degree of control of surface texture than SBT together with an accurate selection of surface roughness, Ra, and peak count, Pc. The peak count obtained can be appreciably higher than that obtained with shot blasting. In comparison with SBT, it is considered that the operating costs associated with EDT are lower.

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