Journal of Metals, Materials and Minerals


Z Fečková

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Coatings by one-component Ni and two-component Ni-Co were electrodeposited onto Fe powder particles from a sulphate-based electrolyte. The coatings were deposited under galvanostatic conditions at 25o C. A fluidized bed arrangement was applied. The influence of cathodic current intensity and electrolysis time on the composition of metal coating was studied. The amount of deposited metals increased with the current intensity and with the electrolysis time. Scanning electron microscope and optical microscope were used to characterize the metal coatings. Voltammetric measurements have been conducted in order to characterize the electrochemical behaviour of Ni and Ni - Co coatings in two corrosion environments (0.5 M H2SO4 and 3% NaCl water solution) at laboratory temperature. It was shown that the increase in Ni content enhances the corrosion resistance of the system powder Fe/Ni coating.

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