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Al2O3-SS 316L composites belong to new generation materials which should be characterized by a specified combination of properties. This study is concerned with the effect of the preparation method of the starting mixed powders upon the properties of Al2O3-SS 316L composites sintered under vacuum atmosphere. The composites were produced using powder mixtures with various weight shares between Al2O3 and SS 316L as well as varying size of Al2O3 particles. The mixtures were prepared by a conventional mechanical mixing. It was found that the addition of Al2O3 particles resulted in a slight decrease in the sintering density, the ultimate tensile strength and elongation, but a slight increase in the hardness. A decrease in the strength was attributed to poor sintering between 316L and Al2O3 particles, poor distribution of very fine Al2O3 particles in the composites as well as a high amount of voids and/or porosities after sintering.

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