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Long-term isothermal exposure tests were conducted on IN-738 alloy to evaluate the variation of gamma prime particle coarsening behavior after different rejuvenated heat treatment conditions. The longterm thermal exposure tests (up to 2,500 hours) were conducted at 900˚C to assess gamma prime particle coarsening behavior. Metallographic work had been performed on isothermally aged samples to characterize gamma prime coarsening as a function of heating time. At all investigated heating times, the gamma prime particles in all tested specimens were coarser than the initial reheat treated ones. The gamma prime particles appeared to coarsen more into a round shape or agglomerated between them compared to the initial ones of each reheat treatment. The degree of coarsening, as evidenced by gamma prime particle size, increased with increasing heating time. At the given heating temperature (900˚C), the gamma prime particle size increased, and the area fraction of the secondary gamma prime particle decreased with increasing heating time.

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