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This study focuses on the development of single and multilayer TiB2 coatings with Ti interlayer with the aim of improving the mechanical integrity of the coating-substrate system. The nanostructured TiB2 thin films and multilayered coatings were deposited on high speed steel substrates by magnetron sputtering. The resultant coating systems were evaluated with respect to microstructure, fractured cross-section and fundamental properties such as cross-sectioned fracture, surface roughness, hardness, modulus and coating adhesion to the substrate. It was found that the adhesion strength of TiB2 coating to HSS substrate could be significantly enhanced in the multilayer system, and by a proper combination of alternate Ti and TiB2 layers, an optimal enhancement in adhesion could be achieved. The effects of alternate layers on other structural and property features of the resultant coatings are also discussed in this paper.

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