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This study aimed to explicate and define Thai traditional cultural value of katanyu \nkatavedi in relation to caregiving for frail elderly parents from the perspectives of Thai families in Metropolitan Bangkok. A qualitative method, social setting analysis (Lofland & Lofland, 1995) was used by interviewing and observing 15 adult children who took care of \ntheir frail elderly parents. The concept of katanyu katavedi in relation to caregiving for elderly parents is structured by three dimensions which included bun khun of parents: total \nbenefits of parents have bestowed upon children, katanyu the sense of gratitude towards \nparents, and katavedi : the obligatory actions in paying back to parents. Katanyu katavedi has been valued by Thai families and helps to maintain the caregiving for elderly parents of Thai families. Caregiving provided by families in this study was categorized into three dimensions physical caregiving, psychological caregiving, and spiritual caregiving. Cultural and societal-economic contextual factors played crucial roles and influenced caregiving and consequences of caregiving in Thai society. Three types of effects of caregiving on families and caregivers were identified: positive consequences, negative consequences, and ambivalence in the caregiving situation. With the findings which provided empirical knowledge and understanding about family caregiving in Thailand from a holistic perspective, the specific characteristic of Thai culture which influenced caregiving practices for elderly parents in Thailand is wished to be maintained and valued in Thai society.



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