Chulalongkorn University Theses and Dissertations (Chula ETD)

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Independent Study

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Pornprapit Phoasavadi

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Jinhyung Lee


Graduate School (บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย)

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Master of Arts

Degree Level

Master's Degree

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Music Therapy




Impulsivity is a major symptom of several emotional and behavioral disorders that affect children and adolescents. Uncontrolled impulsivity can hinder normal development in many different areas, making it important to find proper interventions to address impulsive behaviors. Music therapy has been considered an effective approach to managing impulsivity, and a comprehensive review of relevant articles can guide the profession and promote the expanded application of music therapy to address impulsive behavioral issues. Thus, this paper aims to identify the characteristics of studies that have investigated the use of music therapy for addressing impulsivity in children and adolescents. A scoping review was conducted, and out of 256 studies identified, 13 met the inclusion criteria. These studies were conducted between 1994 to 2022 in various geographical locations and utilized different methodologies. The diagnoses of the participants varied across studies, including ADHD, ODD, CD, depression, and other emotional and behavioral disorders. The settings of the studies included inpatient units, juvenile offenders, foster care, special residential schools, and psychiatric units. Music therapy interventions ranged from individual sessions to group sessions and incorporated various music modalities. The review paper also analyzed the geographical distribution, research methodology, research design and diagnosis categories, the setting and unit of delivery, and the music therapy interventions employed. In summary, this review highlighted the potential and applicability of music therapy for addressing impulsivity, and also recommends areas for further research.

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