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การตระหนักถึงสุขภาพของกลุ่มคนวัยทำงานและอาหารพร้อมรับประทานใน 7-11​

Year (A.D.)


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Independent Study

First Advisor

Ratidanai Hoonsawat


Faculty of Economics (คณะเศรษฐศาสตร์)

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Master of Arts

Degree Level

Master's Degree

Degree Discipline

Business and Managerial Economics




Thailand’s urbanization and westernization, especially in Bangkok metropolitan has led into an alteration in dietary practices which relies more on convenience. Ready meal boxes from convenience store such as 7-eleven has increasingly gained popularity. Still, a disproportionate nutrition of Ready meal boxes seems to be contradictory with an increasing trend on health such as healthy food. This research paper explores whether health consciousness in terms of diet has an effect on working people’s decision to purchase 7-eleven ready meal boxes or not. Quantitive approach was employed where the data was obtained through online survey from 18 to 25 June, 2020. The observations of 239 was used in ordinary least square method. The results show that health consciousness in terms of diet does not greatly affect decision to purchase 7-eleven ready meal boxes for working people in Bangkok metropolitan. Instead, sales promotion using the discount pricing is likely to affect decision to purchase 7-eleven ready meal boxes. Accordingly, discount pricing strategy should be designed to attract working people consumers.

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Economics Commons



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