Chulalongkorn University Theses and Dissertations (Chula ETD)

Year (A.D.)


Document Type

Independent Study

First Advisor

Nualnoi Treerat


Faculty of Economics (คณะเศรษฐศาสตร์)

Degree Name

Master of Arts

Degree Level

Master's Degree

Degree Discipline

Business and Managerial Economics




This research paper aims to study and investigate the soft drinks market in Thailand, mainly focus on the cola market and analyze how promotion effect on consumers' buying behaviour. Due to the reasons such as growing health awareness among consumers, the new sugar tax policy besides rising maturity can make together challenges with chances for firms, each company uses a variety of sales promotional activities throughout these years to gain the biggest piece of the market share in the soft drink industry. This study will emphasize the overall operating activities and marketing strategies of Haad Thip Co. Ltd, the bottler of Coca-Cola Company. As the soft drinks manufacturing is highly competitive, the company needs to emphasize especially on continuous advertising and sales promotions to keep the market share. Although the company uses a variety of promotion mix strategies to gain brand recognition and customers' loyalty, there's arise one question 'Does promotion mix impact on the consumption of soft drinks' and I will answer my research question with a qualitative approach through macroeconomic analysis part, contains economy of Thailand, soft drink industry in Thailand, southern Thailand market and marketing strategies analysis part, includes a market situation, competition within soft drink industry, product life cycle, STP analysis, consumer behaviour, SWOT analysis, Promotion mix analysis. Moreover, as every move of its competitors has considered having directly significant effects on the company, particularly the main competitor of Coca-Cola namely Pepsi Co. and so, I will also analyze the strategies used by the company compared with its competitor to get largest market share.

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Economics Commons



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